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Milwaukee Avenue from Grand to Diversey

More information on Milwaukee Avenue from Wikipedia:

Milwaukee is a major diagonal street in Chicago, passing through many neighborhoods and many more furniture stores. In addition to the previously mentioned furniture stores there are some bars and restaurants that cater to the hundreds of furniture store employees working nearby.

Milwaukee Avenue is a long street, starting at Kinzie (by the Jewel’s) and continuing through some suburbs and all the way up to Wisconsin, probably.

Milwaukee is a popular route for bicyclists as well as those who can afford cars. The southeastern end of Milwaukee Avenue is reported to be the most heavily bicycled stretch of road in Chicago by those driving.

Here we go…

A selection of paintings from my Milwaukee Avenue series will show at Green Eye on Friday, November 22. The show runs through the end of the year, so please stop in.

All pieces from the show will be available at my store.


Wow. March already. Needless to say I don’t have much in the way of artwork to show. From mid December until now, my family has had several ups and downs. The lows were very low…the highs are unimaginably high. I’ve attempted to paint, but nothing is working. My mind has been elsewhere, and I can’t stay in the studio for more than a few minutes at a time.

Whenever I’m in a creative lull, I get back into the “construction” aspect of my work: Building panels, prepping frames or doing housekeeping in the studio. A couple days/weeks of that type of work can be very satisfying because no matter how it goes, I end up with something to show for my time.

I dreamt last night that I was painting work that I was proud of, in both quality and quantity. New stuff is coming. Hopefully better than ever.